Go 6800 Ultra overclock tool

I hear there is a tool to open pipelines in the 6800, would this also work for the Go version in my XPSGEN2 you think? I would be willing to try it and test the o/c speeds I can get.

Please post a link or point me in the correct direction if you can.

Thanks all in advance

Mobile - Dell XPSGEN2 2.13Ghz
2g 533mhz Ram, Go 6800 Ultra 256mb
PC - Clone XP 2000+
1.25g 133mhz Ram, 9800 A-I-W 128mb

Shane Martin
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  1. No the 'GO' version is at it's max, it's 12 pipes and only ever will be 12 pipes.

    It's not like the desktop 12pipe cards where there's something to unlock with rivatuner.

    Of course you could load rivatuner and check, but that's it that's all.

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