Razer Blade?

Hi Guys,

I was looking at buying the new razer blade and I was wondering whether you guys could tell me whether it would be a worth while deal.
I'm looking at playing high end games like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim on it at the highest settings.


Intel® Core™ i7
Quad Core Processor with Hyper-Threading
CPU: 2.2GHz (Base) / 3.2GHz (Turbo)


Intel® HM77 Express Chipset


8GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz


500GB 7200RPM HDD (Primary Storage)
Dataplex™ Software
(Cache Acceleration)
Graphics and Video

Integrated Intel® GMA HD – Mobile Mode
VRAM with NVIDIA Optimus™ Technology


17.3” Full HD 16:9 Ratio, 1920x1080
LED Backlit

Additional Features

Razer™ Switchblade User Interface
Razer™ Anti-Ghosting Keyboard
Razer™ Synapse 2.0 Enabled
Built-in HD Webcam (2.0MP)
Built-in Speakers
Integrated Digital 7.1 Surround Audio Support
(via HDMI 1.4) Dolby® Home Theater® v4
1x HDMI 1.4 Audio and Video Output
3x USB 3.0
1x 3.5mm Audio Microphone/Headphone
Combo Jack
1x Kensington Lock

Integrated 60Wh Battery
Compact AC Adapter (120Watt)


1x Gigabit Ethernet Port
1x Integrated Intel Wi-Fi 802.11 A/G/N
1x Integrated Bluetooth® 4.0

Size and Weight

Width: 16.81 inches (42.7cm)
Depth: 10.90 inches (27.7cm)
Height: 0.88 inches (2.24cm)
Weight: 6.6 pounds (2.99kg)
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  1. Getting the Razer Blade is not about getting the most bang fore the buck in a gaming laptop, there are better options elsewhere (Sager, MSI). The Blade is much more4 about aesthetics, the thing that a laptop looks more like a laptop than a desktop-replacement that needs 4 fna and gets really hot.

    So, if you are looking at the Blade as the best offer available, then no
    But if you are looking for a good looking laptop than you can move from one side of your room to the other and that doesn't burns your jeans while you are using it, then go ahead and buy the Blade, the hardware is there, and it can play games at decent resolutions, so the choice is up to you
  2. Sounds like it's for you if you're more interested in form than function and have more money than you know what to do with.
  3. The blade is a sort of the replacement for the discontinued 17 macbook pro.. and it might technically fit the gap of an ultrabook 17" laptop.. but if you were to buy the blade, be sure to weigh in the cost although it may look good.. be sure to ask yourself can it play the games you want at high res for the price...
  4. It's basically fitting higher end parts into an ultra book body. Obviously, ultra books normally run you for a lot more money, and there's no difference here. If you need something portable and sleek, it'd be nice. If not, it's not worth it.

    You're basically asking is an ultra book worth the extra. It's debatable and purely personal preference.
  5. For the price of that, you could get a laptop with identical specs and an entirely seperate desktop with great specs too!
  6. ram1009 said:
    Sounds like it's for you if you're more interested in form than function and have more money than you know what to do with.

    What other laptops would you suggest for the function of a high performance gaming laptop
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