Is dual display possible with Dell Inspiron 8500?


Is it possible to setup dual display with my Dell Inspiron 8500 Notebook? I want to setup the dual display with another monitor.

If it is possible, how do I set it up?

Is there any hardware I need to purchase in order for this to work?

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  1. umm there should be a VGA out at the back of your notebook. Just plug in a monitor and it'll work. Or do you mean using 2 external monitors? If you do then I'm out of ideas.

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  2. I'm thinking of doing word processing on the Notebook's screen and at the same time I can view movie on the Monitor screen.

    I tested plugging the monitor to the VGA port but it will just show you what the Notebook is displaying.
  3. in the display properties, you have the option of extending your desktop across the monitors. enable it and you can drag your window to whichever monitor you like.

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