Asus hard drive crash

Can anyone tell me how suddenly my Asus Laptop Boots fine then suddenly next boot it keeps saying "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key_

So I went in to the BIOS and made sure it is booting from hard drive first and it is so I am quite sure the hard drive has crashed
is there anything i can do here? or do i need to change the hard drive and all is lost? :-(
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  1. Can you see the hard drive in the Bios? If not I would say that the cable might have been loosened. Also if your laptop has a hard drive diagnostic utility I would run that. Finally is the hard drive a HDD or SSD?
  2. i can see it in BIOS and it is Hitachi HDD
  3. also i hear a click noise that when trying to boot is definitely coming from hard drive
  4. Your HDD has crashed. The abruptness is not unusual. If it is still spinning there are some software programs you can use to attempt to recover data. If not you will need to send it to a commercial data recovery service and be prepared to spend a lot with no guarantees. Backing up is a lesson we all learn the same way.
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