Sapphire X800 - 351 Mem clock???

I just got an X800 128 MB By Sapphire today, and I was about to overclock the card when I noticed it reads my core clock as 392 mghz (thats right on target) and then my memory clock at only 351 Mghz - WAY off, as it is supposed to be 700 Mghz... any idea what the deal is? Thanks
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  1. DDR RAM is <b>D</b>ouble <b>D</b>ata <b>R</b>ate - It sends data twice every clock signal - so the actual speed of 350(ish) Mhz translates into a real world speed of 700MHz.

    You are running at the correct speed.

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  2. Oh. Now I Feel retarded. Thanks! For a second i was like damnit, i need to return my card lol. Thanks man.
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