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Acer 3820TG Black Screen / WLAN not working

November 1, 2012 8:53:26 PM

Problem 1: Black Screen.
-can't see BIOS screen
-computer still works
-able to connect to external monitor and see everything
-happened recently
-I replaced the LCD panel with an OEM one, and it fixed it, but then the screen went black again when I tried to turnon the WIFI with Fn+F5. I reinstalled WIN 8 and the screen fixed itself again... I'm afraid to turn on WIFI
-I tried installing all the drivers before I installed WIN8 over WIN7, and it didn't work

Problem 2: No WIFI
-happened after installation of new LCD panel
-won't turn on
-device manger shows unknown detected device (yellow triangle)
-tried installing drivers for Atheros WLAN card
-Laptop says something along the lines of "please insert or reinsert the card, cuz i can't detect it" during the running of the driver installation software

please help, I can't afford another lap top =(