Is there any good laptopos for music production?

I want to do music production type stuff on my computer and II was curious if there were some good ones for specifically music production as in recording and scoring ect.. Any good suggestions on a laptop or should I stick to a good desktop PC?
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  1. @axleh93,Do you know where I could find a price for that laotop?

  2. I believe it comes down to how fussy you are. You will NEVER find a laptop that does ANYTHING better than a desktop.
  3. Yeah,I figured but,what do you mean by fussy?
  4. boxxtech products r costly
  5. Quote:
    boxxtech products r costly

    Yeah, I just looked at the price of them and there is NO way I can spend that much on a laptop. It cost almost 2,500$,the specs and everything are actually really nice for a laptop but cost too much.If I had that kind of money I'd buy a really nice desktop PC.
  6. what is your budget?
  7. 600$ as of right now.
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    Buy a solid mid range general laptop. If u there is not many response regarding to this thread create another thread with heading like ( $600 laptop for music production like activity"). One important addition for music production is good sound card.
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