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Hi i want to upgrade to win 7 but i have and old motherboard so will the win 7 compatibility mode help with it.
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  1. Coud you tell us the make of the motherboard?
  2. Biostar P4M900-M7 SE
  3. Hi.

    U can use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to check the compatibility of ur current rig.

    Finally u can see here the available drivers for ur mobo. Win 7 isn't listed as support OS but u can use the Vista drivers since Win 7 and Win Vista are very similar.
  4. Thanks i am going to run it now and how well do you think will call of duty modern warfare 2 and just cause 2 is gonna run on my pc
    Core 2 duo e4300 1.9ghz
    Ram 2G
    MSI R4670 1G
    (SOON TO BE)windows 7
  5. I think that u can run it in low or mid details. If u can add 2GB more to ur rig.
  6. Is that just cause 2 or both because i run crysis high settings
  7. Well u can run it all in high settings, but I think that u can get better FPS with mid or low settings.
  8. Well i am running just cause 2(16x AA), battle field bad company 2(Effects on medium) and call of duty modern warfare 2 on MAX settings.
  9. Nice, so, u can upgrade to Win 7 without problems.
  10. I all ready got win 7 and it is way better than xp.For me.
  11. Not only for u, many people thinks the same as you.
  12. Hi if i upgrade to a core 2 quad q8400 do i need a strong psu
    My pc
    Core 2 duo e4300 1.9ghz
    2 G Ram
    Ati radeon hd 4670 1G
    PSu:450 W
  13. No, ur current PSU is enough for that upgrade.
  14. Then will the vantec ion n2 620w do
  15. Both 450W and 620W can support the rig with the new CPU.
  16. I am going to buy me upgrade but what graphics card do you reccomend to run with the core 2 quad q8400 and at a resolution of 1280x1024.I play games like the sabotuer,COD 6,Battlefield bad company 2.
  17. What budget do u have? I think that a 5770 is a good option for ur requirements.
  18. What about the nvidia geforce gtx 460 1g
  19. Well, that's a very good GPU and meets ur requirements without problems the problem is that i'm not sure that can run with a 450W maybe with a 550W.
  20. So i will get a core 2 quad ,gtx460 and corsiar 600w psu just to be safe.One question i got 6 games on my pc is it slowing my pc down or can i add more games because i don t like to play 1 game all the time.
  21. Yeah u can install all the games that u want that only use space on ur HD and don't affect the performance of the rig.
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