TECH: What is the cause of this? (w/photos!)

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I've got a Zenith-built Wells-Gardner 19" K7951 monitor that is causing
me grief. The picture is clear and the colours are bright, but it has a
number of lines running along one side that seem to flicker and
constantly cause the image on that side of the screen to appear as
though it's folding over onto itself.

Here's pics:

I capped it today, but that did not solve my problem. Any ideas where
to look next?
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    Nevermind. I found the problem. Nestled between two of the eight
    vertically-positioned pots was a small horizontally-positioned pot that
    was hiding from my view. Adjusting this fixed everything. Wish I'd
    noticed that about three months ago...
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    Here's the link to your monitor information:
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