Is this enough protection?

I'll be getting my new PC in a few days, and I tend to be a worry wart when it comes to viruses and trojans and whatnot, so I thought I should get some protection. I was thinking:


free 15 month Mcafee securitycenter


Avast for anti virus
Spybot S&D for anti-spyware
MalwareBytes for anti-spyware
Comodo as my firewall.

Is that good enough or is it too much?
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  1. If McAfee Security Center includes antivirus and firewall software, you do not need Avast and Comodo.

    And unless McAfee did wha Norton did last year (rewrite the whole package), you will have difficulty removing it if you ever change your mind.
  2. I think the consensus on this forum is to go with MSE for your anti virus. It's free, light weight, and works really well. Another security conscious decision would be to not use IE. Other than that I don't see a need to run anything else.
  3. Hi thestud - There seems to be wavering opinions when it comes to antivirus software. There is a good thread to read about security written by The_Phophecy at the top of the Windows 7 Security discussion. It can also be found here -

    I'd also second Luser_'s comment and give another vote to Windows Security Essentials which is available as a free download from Microsoft.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  4. Luser_ said:
    I think the consensus on this forum is to go with MSE for your anti virus...........

    You would be mistaken.
  5. I use a few different techniques including,Proxy servers, Microsoft Security Essentials, Firefox with Ad block plus and better privacy,and many others. I block my ip, use peer blocker, Configure win7 firewall, always scan files before opening, use my ISP for email to keep email off my PC locally, and make sure I do updates regularly while not downloading from sites or individuals that I suspect. Basically use a multi platform array of different techniques that work for you and what you do. Also, don't completely tell everything . lol
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