Quality of Ram (Matter?)

I was wondering if to you guys ram brand (even though some brands make other ram) makes a difference.

I have this ram that came in my P150em it was called Ellixer but HWinfo says its Nanya. I have both 4GB Elixer/Nanya on the chips but they are overall the same ram and Nanya makes it both.
Thing is my comp will have these moments I can describe micro pauses and a PC to me that has less or none at all are those that run smoothly. It's not loading it jut locks up for a second or less.

It doesn't happen on my desktop/notebooks until I change the ram and usually in the past I get the cheapest like PNY, Elixer/Nanya.

I realized that if I put back Samsung ram I do notice a difference. Stock Samsung ram and I don't get what I describe above as "micro pauses".

Since then i strictly only use samsung ram. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this?
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  1. As with all components, there are going to be manufacturers who make the cheapest components possible to appeal to the cost-saving segment of the market. Although I have not heard of that manufacturer, I would assume it is a fairly small/no-name maker, and probably pretty low quality. It's probably best to go for one of the more major and reliable manufacturer's (and I am sure Samsung would probably qualify).
  2. I am not sure if it matters to be honest for me kingston,G. Skill,Corsair, Patriot,Mushkin,Crucial and Samsung are the only ones i would ever consider using but to each his/her own.
  3. I find everybody tends to buy from a manufacturer based on their past experience and compatibility - I myself use pretty much Crucial, Corsair and Kingston.

    All my recent builds have had Corsair but that's purely based on the fact that for the past 5 years I have never had a compatibility issue despite installing them in lots of different manufacturers boards.
  4. I've gone out on a limb a few times. best "non" brand was Transend AxeRam. Best memory I ever had. Crucial Ballistix Tracer was the worst.
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