Who is Making the Best Laptop for New Tech Like SSDs, Quad Core, etc.

I see a lot of powerful, relatively new technology in the market.

However, I know that it may not matter if the MB and overall system are
not built to move the data through.

I want to edit video and am curious who you would say makes the best
overal laptops designed for SPEEEEEED!!!

So far in my reading, Lenovo looks like a contender. What say you?
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  1. lenovo, although you really should break this down between thinkpad and ideapad.

    While specs are good, people are not always impressed with the ideapad build quality/reliability as compared to thinkpad.
  2. For video encoding get a quad core Ivy Bridge Core i7 CPU with the "QM" designation which means quad core; the "M" models are just dual core CPUs.

    Quick Sync is extremely fast and provides pretty good results if you use software that supports it. Both Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, but Sandy Bridge's video quality sucks so avoid it. Intel probably makes the fastest SSDs, but they are expensive.

    The build quality of IdeaPads are okay, I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y470. It's okay, but not very happy about it. I prefer ThinkPads they are built like tanks, well at least when IBM owned the ThinkPad brand.
  3. Thanks!

    I see some support for Lenovo, at least the ThinkPads.

    What do you think of Samsung?
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