Psu upgrade

Is it possible to upgrade the power supply in this machine?
acer aspire ur318
Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. just as long as it's not a Laptops or Notebook, since that is the forum you posted in
  2. 220 watt power supply? Wow, that's weak even for Acer.

    Power supplies can usually be swapped out. Most OEM machines use ATX formfactor power supplies (ATX12v 2.x electrical specifications) but some machines may use the tinier SFX formfactor power supply. The SFX formfactor is electrically compatible with ATX12v 2.x but has a different shape.
  3. Make sure it fits your case if your not upgrading it. That case is a small one so like I said, just make sure it fits.
  4. Why do you need a psu upgrade?

    You need to find out the physical dimensions of the current psu.
    I suspect that it is smaller than a standard ATX psu.
    A ATX psu will be 150mm wide, by 85mm high, and a variable length. Probably from 140-180mm long.
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