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My hard drive is failing in my HP Envy 14 Beats Edition and HP screwed me out of my warranty so I will have to replace it myself. I was just wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction to get this done. I'm not sure what size hard drive i will need to buy and if it matters what kind, im looking for atleast 750gb+ since thats what I have now. If there's anything important I should know before doing the replacement, or anything else I should do while I've got it apart, I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
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  1. Unless you really need all that space, I'd recommend an SSD instead. You can get a 128GB SSD for around $100 and 256GB for $180-$220. An SSD will drastically speed up your boot times and application launch times. It will also likely improve battery life (due to having no motors to power) and make the computer feel more snappy.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I agree I'd love to get an SSD but with all the files I have for my business I have about 500 of the 750gb used now, so that's out of the question unfortunately. I guess I'd like to get a 7200rpm drive so it's a little faster than mine now. I know there is different physical sizes of hard drives and I'm not really sure what size I need to buy, would you mind sending me some links of options I'd have to choose from or atleast what I should look for?
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    As far as I can tell, your laptop uses the standard 2.5 inch 9.5mm drive. Because an SSD doesn't have enough storage for you, I'd probably go with the Momentus XT as the next best thing. It's a 7200 rpm drive with 8GB of NAND onboard as a sort of SSD-like cache. It learns the most recently accessed blocks and keeps them on the cache to improve access times.
  4. Update: Found out after all the time I spent trying to understand why my hard drive was failing, turns out I fried my a/c adapter. I've had no power where I am due to hurricane sandy and I attempted to charge my laptop off of my stepfather's generator and it fried my charger. So I guess my computer wasn't getting a proper power supply and it was causing the hard drive to act up and think it was failing, because when running off of the battery and using a different charger everything is perfect! Thanks for the help anyway!
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