A8 w/ 7670m (1366x768) Vs. i5 w/ 7670m (1600x900)

Going to be purchasing a laptop soon and found two great ones for a nice price.

First, the Aspire V3-551G-8454. (A8)
The other one, Aspire AS7750G-6645 (i5)

I can get both of them for around $500 so the price isn't the issue. I'll be doing a lot of gaming with my Steam account, games like Borderlands 2 and Skyrim. Also, other than that I render a lot of videos in Sony Vegas.
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  1. your choice is hard. For gaming, get the A8. For rendering, get the i5.

    Personally, I would recommend the A8 one due to better framerates in games. Rendering is not that important as you can leave the computer on overnight or leave it rendering as you play. The A8 is quite good at rendering too.

    Why not look at some of the HP products? They have pretty good offers there too. And HP lasts quite longer than ACER.
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    Aspire v3 is a boss. Get it.

    And also, those games will play fine. Rendering will be okay, but not as good as the i5. But since I see that you would be maybe recording videos, you would want the fps, as you don't want to put out bad gameplay, because of your fps.
  3. Hmm, any good HP laptops with a decent card like the 7670m around $500?

    After looking up the two processors I saw that the A8 does outperform in some cases.

    I would probably buy that one as it has a newer processor than the i5.
  4. That model of i5 is simply a dual core with hyperthreading, so it's advantage may not be as great as the other posters believe.
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  6. Erm. Sorry to spoil your dreams D:. But i have to tell you this. The 7670m is NOT a decent card. It is the performance of a 6770m if not worse. My friend has a 6770m with an i7. which is a good processor. Much better than any of those you are looking at. He gets barely 60fps on lowest settings and on the same resoultion as you on bf3. In norshar canals, firefights could dip below 30 sometimes.

    You will really need as much gpu help as you can get. You either get the APU with enhanced graphics or you get a more powerful solution. I highly recommend HP and HP ONLY for consumer laptops. Although, a short note that EUROCOM has the best laptop in the market currently, the Panther 4.0. Go search it up. i7 3960x with dual gtx 680m On the X79 chipset. No other laptop can have that much power.

    For your case, Get the HP laptops. Good warrenty and stuff. Look at the Pavilion lineup or the Envy lineup. The brand is much better than aspire or anything else. You will not regret it. Build is excellent. My friend with the 6770m is running on a DV6. Its a previous generation but best in its class. Laptop was of very fine fit and finish.
  7. I had the Envy for 11months and then I had screen issues. Now that I'm overseas, my Envy has collected dust for months. The envy line is expensive, so you might want to look at a different line.

    For demanding games you need to spend a lot on a laptop or you'll be playing at Low settings and getting so so fps.

    If I wanted gaming I'd probably go for something like this ($800+) with a midrange card:

    Bottom line is: Don't expect good gaming (Skyrim) on a $500 laptop.
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