Valkyrie CZ-17 vs GT70

Hey guys, i cant decide between two laptops. There is the cz-17 with and i7-3630qm, a 680m, 8gb ram, and a 500gb Momentus xt for $1667. I could also get a gt70 with a 675mx, Same cpu, twice the ram, a 128gb msata ssd and a 750gb Hard drive, plus blu ray for $1674. Which one do you think is a better deal?
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  1. dur get the gt70. SSD will really help you. The gpu is almost the same
  2. get the cz-17... 680 > 670MX... as the 680m will handle most games at ultra, and its cheaper too.. the momentus xt is quite ok.. as it gives you sort of the same speed as ssd but diff of around 20% but you do get the capacity..
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Do you think I really need an ssd? For the cz-17 I could get a 256gb ssd, a 64gb ssd and the momentus xt, or a 120gb ssd and a 5400rpm 500gb hard drive. Also, how much of a difference will the 675mx to the 680m make?
  4. Listen. Get the gt70. It is not worth sacrificing everything else just for a few FPS. The difference is very little actually. Apart from the video card. The gt70 pwns the cz17 in every catagory. Keep in mind that the gpu is minimal.
  5. Ok. Im probably going to get the gt70. BUT, im not going to get the laptop for another month, so is there anything better for $1900 after taxes?
  6. Holy ***. Thats a lot of money. I highly suggest you going to They have the best laptops on the planet. their best being the panther 4.0 i7 3960x dual gtx 680m. they have different series of notebooks. and they do not rip your money.
  7. Look at notebooks by saegar......and between them if you want your laptop to play high end games consistently for long, go for the 680mx and ya the SSD should be atleast a 128 GB one so that you can get faster runtimes and less crashes running high end games a few years on at maxed out settings
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