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I want to set up a system which will run 8 monitors. The set up would have 6 LCD's and a plasma on a video wall, as well as a single LCD on a desk. The displays would be used independently to show TV feeds, websites, video conferencing, etc. I have been kicking around ideas, including the possibility of using 2 separate computers linked by a KVM switch to the desktop LCD.

I would like each LCD to be capable of independent video playback. I know some dual head cards only support one video overlay. I also want to be able to feed in six independent TV feeds. So I will need an adequate number of expansion slots to accomodate all the video and capture cards.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this project would be greatly appreciated.

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    This motherboar dis going to be released soon, you'll have to find a PCI video card...

    Also the new Crossfire board should come with integrated graphics + 2 PCIe

    Both of setup will allow you to run 6 screans...
    Now for 8, ummm, You can grab a Matrox Parhelia or P750(?) that features TripleHead. Last I heard they where releasing it for PCIe and even Pcie 1X if im not mistaken.

    So 1 Matroc AGP one matroc PCIe and one Ati9550 PCI, that would bring you to 8 monitor all that on a ULI motherboard...

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  2. i would think with all that much monitor maybe dual core or dual processor with dual core is for you! (opertron)
  3. Video playback may hoop you.

    The overlays cause alot of conflicts, but as long as all are on seperate monitors (or all display the same video) it may be ok.

    To get 9 monitors you could do it on a single mobo for those that support dual PCIe-16x slots plus 3 pci or PCIe 1x slots (<A HREF="" target="_new">Matrox PCIe 1X card</A>), then you could support 10+ monitors with the 2 dual heads in each PEG slot and then whatever you can add with PCI or PCIe. Also using quad monitor cards like the <A HREF="" target="_new">Matrox G450MMS</A> in your available PCI slots increases your options even more.

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  4. Thanks for the feedback, I'll start researching the cards and keep you posted on the progress. I just got my screens in last week (6 lcd's and the plasma), so now I will start working on the hardware. In the meantime, if you come up with any other suggestions, let me know.
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