Knoxville Auction -- Who's going and watcha bringing?

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Well, we typically go down to this auction once a year. We make it a
fun week of white-water rafting, trout fishing, laser tag, go carts and
touristy stuff, smoky mountain hiking trails, etc. and then cap the
whole excursion off with an arcade auction in Knoxville! This year,
we're bringing along some decent machines, and I just wanted to see who
else will be there, and what they're bringing. Since we're leaving in
less than 24 hours, I won't see many of the replies, but still thought
I'd post. Anyway, we've got a whole trailer full of good stuff going,
and I'll probably leave out some, but it includes:
a nice Asteroids UR
a really nice Donkey Kong UR
an 8.5 out of 10 Bosconian UR
a Ms. Pac Man cocktail with the 96 in 1 Multi Pac kit in it
a Galaga cocktail
a NICE Star Wars Upright with rebuilt WG6102.
a super nice gravitar upright
a Defender UR with new CPO
a Stargate UR with new CPO
a Ms. pac Man UR
a Missle Command Cocktail, pretty nice with red trackballs
and probably some more than I am not thinking of.

Anyway, we look forward to entertaining ourselves in the
Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, and then of course, to the auction on
Saturday. If anyone else cares to share what they're bringing, post it
here, and maybe we can read it from our hotels along the way! Or, if
anyone else in the area wants to challenge the Kansas City Crew in some
laser tag....nah, just kidding. At this point, it looks like it'll be
myself (Brett Fuehring), Scott Caldwell, and Mike Freeland heading
down. Maybe we can meet some locals down there to put names with
faces, etc.

have a good day!
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    I went on this trip 2 years ago with the same crew, let me tell you- it
    was a blast. Mike F is deathly afraid of bears, any bear, so Brett and
    I did everything we could to attract them. First off was leaving an
    open can of tuna outside, we redoubled our efforts with a fully cooked
    chicken suspended off the deck by a rope.

    For good measure, we'd toss a rock out in the woods while hiking to
    make sure Mike's "bear radar" was focused. Then one evening at dusk
    Mike was nearly attacked but escaped by almost knocking the front door
    off it's hinges as he ran inside to avoid the vicious mauling, of a
    friendly stray dog checking out the tuna can.

    By the way, I've seen several of the games the crew is taking and they
    are nice (the games, not the crew) :-)

    Have a safe trip guys, we've got Dallas to look forward to, GO CHIEFS!.

    Mike Doyle
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    I'll be there Brett and can't wait to see that great stuff of yours!!
    Maybe I better bring a truck.

    - Don

    Brett wrote:
    Anyway, we've got a whole trailer full of good stuff going,
    > and I'll probably leave out some, but it includes:
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