Budget Gaming Laptop?

Okay computer/tech/gaming nerds - unite!

I’m in the market for a laptop (finally). I'm moving cross-country in less than two weeks so that has me on a very low/strict budget and I realize this search could likely be a fool’s errand. But I’m hoping with all the current and upcoming laptop deals, that this can (and will) be possible to attain. I can only afford to spend a max of $400, MAYBE $450 (I know, get it over with and just smack me now, but I seriously cannot afford to spend more). I am NOT BUILDING one either (because reasons).

I’m not too worried about hard drive capacity since I have a 500gig external for storage. I’d like a decent display but not huge since this will be used for school/on-the-go too. Not worried about sound since I have a decent pair of speakers for at home use and two different sets of headphones for when I’m out.

Really what I’m looking to run game-wise are mainly TF2 and The Hidden game mod for Half Life 2. Perhaps some Sims 3 and Aion here and there as well. My WoW/pay-to-play days have long since passed. I don’t game every day anymore either. I mostly web-browse, chat, watch tv/movies/netflix, and code. But it’s nice to have the ability to play games when I want to.

So, if anyone can give me specific laptops you come across (and/or recommend some brands to look into), I’d really appreciate it. I have an idea of what I’m looking for as far as CPU and graphics go, although finding ‘em in a cheap laptop has been a challenge so far. But with the holiday deals starting and coming up, prices are dropping on decent machines.

I'm not going for another desktop since I need portability at this point. I'm actually giving my current desktop to my younger brother before I move (I built it in '06/'07 specifically to run WoW back then so it still works pretty well now. But I need a laptop for school and it doesn't pay to ship the desktop across the country at this point. I did that already almost 3 years ago).

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  1. $450 is not enough for a gaming laptop.
  2. The best you're going to be able to do for $400 is a PC with an HD 4000 in it... like this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/HP+-+Pavilion+Sleekbook+14%22+Laptop+-+4GB+Memory+-+500GB+Hard+Drive+-+Black/6819675.p?id=1218808633848&skuId=6819675

    And it's going to be shite for gaming. Not to mention the compromise for getting HD4000 at that price is that you're going ULV, which is going to be slower overall.

    Well, you asked.
  3. Yeah...I figured as much. Been doing tons of research as is into brands, processors, and graphics cards - and on my budget, I'll find one with a decent processor but a *** integrated card or vice versa. I'd honestly prefer to get another desktop but it's just not in the cards for me.

    I actually looked at the 17" HP for $450 under the related products here http://www.bestbuy.com/site/HP+-+Pavilion+17.3%22+Laptop+-+4GB+Memory+-+640GB+Hard+Drive+-+Sparkling+Black/6882542.p?id=1218810330901&skuId=6882542
    But I constantly hear bad things about HP laptops so I'm very hesitant to consider it.

    This budget sucks. I'll wait and see what Black Friday and Cyber Monday have to offer. Thank you, regardless :-)
  4. If you can save say $50 more, you could get this:

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834215663 - $500
  5. Alright, say I might be able to spring for something at $500 - anymore suggestions for that price? Perhaps something with slightly better processing speed? 1.9GHz is a bit low.

    I have the money, it's just a matter of not wanting to spend the extra since I need to save for a car, find a job, and then save for school after my move. The more I keep in my savings, the better since I don't know how long I'll have to live off of it.
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