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I have recently ditched cable and have gone with Hulu / Netflix for my tv watching. My system is:
Asus P5Q Pro Mobo
8800 Gt
4 Gb DDR2 Ram
500 Gb Hard Drive
Windows 7 Premium

The Shows look and run just fine, but getting the proper resolution has been a biatch. I used Nvidia's packaged screen resolution tool to make it fit the screen - I think it is about 1300 X 967. But the problem is that I can't read anything on the screen because it is too small. When I am setting it up, I have the option of 1080 or 480... I obviously chose the 1080 and shrink. The 480 resolution is just too big... So I have a goldilocks problem - I am looking for just right

My question is - am I just out of luck, or is there something else I need to try in order to get this right. I just started playing Dragon age Origin as well, and am having problems reading things on the screen. I just want it to be a little bigger! I am new to this whole HTPC game and this is the only thing left that I haven't figured out how to address.

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  1. What TV are you using and what is its native resolution? Also, how are you connecting the PC to the TV- HDMI, DVI, VGA, component?
  2. Windows has an option to set text size independently of the resolution, but that may not go over to the games. I don't have a Win7 machine here to tell you exactly where to go, but you can find it on there. The games you probably have to set to a lower resolution in the game config to play and be able to read the text.
  3. Sorry - it is a 47 inch dlp tv. It is natively 1080i. I am connecting to it using a DVI and using some logitech speakers straight from the mobo.
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    You should run your desktop rez at 1920 x 1080 @ 30Hz and adjust the font dpi as hang-the-9 suggests. If I remember right, the option is on the left column of the display properties. Look for these screens in your display properties:

    For games, you might be able to adjust the font by hacking an xml file or something.
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