Video card driver has stopped responding...

When playing BF2 I sometimes get this error from the video card control program saying that the card has stopped responding to driver commands, it then resets my video card. When the error happens the screen kinda pops/blinks twice and either lands me on the desktop asking me to send/dontsend an error report to ATI or sometimes it will just blink 2x kinda hiccup and stay in the game. Even after that error has been generated I can still play and play as smooth as it ever was. When it does stay in the game the send/dontsend message is still on the desktop and by the end of my BF2 sessions I willl usually have 5-6 of them popped up. The error seems to occur at random with the most common trigger for I have found is the first time i hit the TAB key to see the scoreboard it almost always triggers this error, but it will occur other times just randomly as I am moving about the map.

I have downloaded the latest drivers from ATI and have a patched version of BF2. The card is new, upgraded to play BF2. The card is a Radeon 9600 pro with 128MB. I thought the error was generated by the little control program of ATI's that runs in the system tray, so I just closed it. But that didnt work either as the error will still happen even when that program isnt running.

Other system specs that might matter?:
AMD 2700+
1gig PC2700 RAM
OnBoard sound
win xp home

thanks for any help/ideas you might be able to offer

UPDATE: tried driver cleaner 3

Uninstalled all the drivers and followed instructions for Driver Cleaner. It seemed to help last night as I played very smoothly with no errors for over an hour till I did get one and it seemed to move on from the error pretty easily. Then this morning it was back to its old tricks. I was pretty sure driver cleaner was going to work as this is my first ATI card and DC removed some stuff left behind by my old NVIDIA card but nope still getting the same error.

I got the game to run stable after updating my BIOS and the switching so some ASUS ATI driver ver 8.11 . But when using this driver the textures are all screwed up, but everything is stable. The instructions for this driver said to install on top of newest ATI drivers and not remove it first like most driver instructions. So I am back on the newest offical ATI driver with my BIOS upgraded and Fast Writes enabled in BIOS. Been playing with turning that on and off and seems to do better with it enabled. The game still crashes, though I think its less often and definately not everytime I hit TAB to see scoreboard or everytime I shoot an anti-tank through scope . Both of those used to just about generate the error everytime, or atleast the first time I did the action.

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  1. AArrgghh it drives me insane when it does that, i have no clue why it does but i had a msi9550 clocked to a 9600pro(it still ran cool) and it constantley did that when playing farcry. althought when i play warcraft 3 it never happened to me. i dont know, sold my 9550 anyway, so im usin my good old pci TNT! go diablo! lol wont even play at 800x600 res lol.

    Asus A7N8X-Deluxe (Nvidia Nforce 2)
    AMD AthlonXP 2500 at 3200 (stock voltage)40c Load
    Coming soon: Nvidia 6800 vannilla
    Antec TruePower 400 watt ps
    1x256 Meg Corsair ValueRam 2.5,3,3,7
  2. lol i wish i had a PCI card to test hardware on... and not stick anything vauable in a new system....
  3. FarCry is sensitive to softmoded cards. Always had artifact issues when using my 9800pro on a XT bios, trying to use something on my card that isnt there.

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