Future Technology - Opinions please

To settle a little dispute,
In the Tom's Hardware Guide reader's humble opinion, do you think that:
IN TWO YEARS there will be a cell phone available with
a 2 Megapixel camera AND
a 3 GB or larger MP3(or other digital media) player

This is only an opinion reply, we just want some outside opinions. Thanks.
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  1. I guess we already got the technology to get cell phones with these features, or at least we are very close. The issue is rather what do the consumers want, and how much are they willing to pay for it.

    However, wouldn’t it be cool if the mobile phone industry adapted some features of the pc industry, giving the customers the opportunity to choose different hardware components, just as you today can choose and customize your pc’s hardware in any possible way? I would think that that is a very feasible future for the mobile phone industry.
  2. The Siemens S65 (release July 2004, but in Europe, Asia, and Latin America) will have a 1.3 Megapixel camera :-).

    Link: http://www.siemens-mobile.com/cds/frontdoor/0,2241,hq_en_0_27139_rArNrNrNrN,00.html

    But as far as the digital media player, it's feasible. The S65 has a memory card slot, and it's quite feasible that these memory cards might be available in multi-GB sizes. It's already slated to be released in sizes of 512 MB and 1 GB (RS-MMC cards).

    Unfortunately, living in the US, we have only oppressive carriers who are determined not to let us have good phones such as Siemens phones with all their features. Instead, if we do get good phones from companies like Siemens, they have many features disabled because I suppose the US market does not deserve them. Besides, if they did have all the features, they would quickly beat out any other phone in the Us (almost).

    So, yes, it's feasible, and I'm pretty sure there will be 3 and maybe 4 MP camera phones by 2 years.


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  3. I saw a 2MP phone somewhere.....dont remember if I've seen a 3 yet or not.
  4. 2 years is a long time off, if things stayed the same I'll bet we will see the cell phones get even more usable with both camera and mp3 players. Heck I'll bet somthing like this is out now.

    However I realy think that the cell/pda/mp3 player/ camera/laptop will fuse and radicaly change our travel habbits <- already happening now.

    So yes. I agree. We will see a Cell with a 2mp camera (small now) with an MP3 player (probably a memory card for storage). I can almost bet the cell will actualy not tie into the POTS hoever it will tie into the 802.11X network that will pop up all over (popping now!).

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  5. of course there will be
  6. Sure the hitachi 4gb drives will get smaller and then they will migrate to our cell phones
    3 megapixel phones my guess is 6-8 months

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  7. 2 years? We should be way beyond that.

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  8. The answer to your query is YES. Maybe even more technology will be packed into the cell phone inside of 2 years. The clip-on headset Will Smith was using in I,Robot is not far off. It's probably in the proto stages now. Soon it will be possible to communicate visually as it is audibly.

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  9. Well Lexar has 8GB CF card, and a bunch of Smartphones already use that, so we are already there on that end (although migration to SDIO and mini SD is the true future) I have 512mb in my Kyocera 7135 right now, and when the Panasonic 20MB/s 1GB arrives I'll move to that if Sandisk does up their UtrlaII series. So we're just waiting for the makers to meet demand.

    I still don't see the need for a 2MP phone. Seriously get a small 4-6MP camera like my digital elph, which will be far cleaner than any phone based camera.

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  10. Samsung has announced a 5MP camera phone with 92MB on board and takes MMC flash cards. I think it is called "Anycall" is model SCH-S250. Avaliable only in korea.
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