Windows ME restarts, won't Shut Down

Been tweaking a friends Compaq Presario 5000 computer. Ran the updates, installed a firewall, removed startup programs in MSConfig, etc. It's running better, but ever since I ran Windows Update, the thing won't shut down. When I choose Shut Down from the Windows ME shutdown screen, it restarts it. Anyone ran into this before. In the meantime I'm trying to talk him into losing ME and going to a different OS, since ME is the hellish step-sister of all good OSs.
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  1. I don't necessarily believe in conspiracy theories but there’re rumours that Microsoft uses ME's updates to actually sabotage it so that customers will go out and spend money on Winxp instead!

    What ever the case Winme is a woeful OS at best. Ditch it and get Winxp or go back to Win98se.
  2. That's sound interesting.
    Microsoft is always like that, as i know them for a long time.

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  3. I wouldn't be surprised. I know ME is the devil, but it isn't my computer, so I was stuck unless they want to make and OS investment. Fortunately, I discovered that the computer (it was a Compaq) didn't like the NIC I installed on it. Reboots and shuts down fine now that I've uninstalled it. Thanks.
  4. I’ve also heard that windows 2000 Home Edition users are now experiencing strange problems like their systems running like a slug for no reason after the most recent updates.

    2000 Professional Edition uses however aren't affected hmmm maybe Microsoft is scared of massive lawsuits from the corporate sector in this case?
  5. Windows 2000 Professional Edition.
    The SP4 update can cause illegal copies of it go nuts for awhile.
  6. Try this link

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  7. My computer did not shutdown and I tried everything in the book. I later found out this was due to a battery in the computer which remembers your settings, always remembering to restart your computer. Here is the fix. Turn off the power to the computer and unplug it from it's power source. Next, unplug all the cords from the back of the computer. Now look towards the back of the computer on the side, you'll see a large screw. Unscrew this screw and slide the panel to open the computer (make sure the power is off). Once the side panel is off, turn the computer on it's side and look for a large round (watch type) battery. Fiddle with the battery and pull it out. Keep the battery out for about five minutes and then put it back in. Next put the side panel of the computer back in and screw it back on. Next, reconnect only the monitor, keyboard, mouse and power to the computer. Turn the computer back on. Once on the desktop, shutdown the computer and the computer should remian off. Goodluck!
  8. Nice 6 year bump there.
  9. The lack of shutdown is due to an error during shutdown... it reboots instead of shutting down. Can be caused by bad drivers or bad / incomatible hardware. Even so, ME is a bad choice for an OS.
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