Recently when I connect my laptop to my Bravia via HDMI I get a message that say

well my whole question is in the thread title. so thanks in advance hope I gave all that is needed also I am using windows 7
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  1. or the whole question did not show so here it is. I get a message that reads unsupported signal please check the device output. how do I fix this?
  2. I do not know what video card I have where would I find that information
  3. Go to Control Panel-->Device Manager, expand the triangle next to Display Adapters. It should tell you the brand and model range of the video card (e.g., "AMD RAdeon HD 6800 series".
  4. Assuming you have Windows 7. For older operating systems (and also Windows 7) you can also go to Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Computer Management, then click on Device Manager.
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