How to install windows 7 on my laptop with a cd

I have a Asus laptop model #UL80A that I can't login into (my ex girlfriend changed my user name/password.) I have a windows 7 cd, is there anyway to install this disc & reboot my comp.
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  1. If you install Windows 7 it will wipe all existing data off the hard drive.
    You can try logging into the default Administrator Account:
  2. It would be easier and quicker to just get the user and password from your ex-girlfriend, or the real owner of the laptop.
  3. For cd installation just insert the cd and then when laptop is turning on just boot into BIOS by pressing F12 or whatever is said9lower right corner of screen ) and select boot from disk drive E: windows will guide you through the rest...
  4. I want to install the window but after loading the files setup not run , starting windows screen came up and then not work ..plz help me how I fix this problem
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