4 year old computer having a makeover

*Warning, a pretty long thread, but it would mean very much to me if atleast someone could try to help me out*

I'd like to start this thread off by saying to everyone!
I'm not new to THG but I just discovered that there's a community here! I'm very glad to see that one of my favourite websites has got a community full with kind and IT-devoted people.

Haveing that sais I would like to move on to my quite irritating problem. So I've got this 4 year old Fujitsu Siemens Silverline computer (bought via home-pc). It is an P4 1.4 Ghz and runs with 256 mb of RAM (not the new fancy DDR) and a nVidia GeForece 2 GT 64 mb. I've got a 80 gb harddrive aswell. If I'm to be honest I would say that this piece of junk can't handle too much. And now that I finally can buy a new computer (and now that I'm a bit older and have been reading alot about hardware I could build my own computer :D) I just can't do it. Mainly because I feel that everything is very old and the old technology I saw 4 years ago is just pushed to the edge. I't doesn't feel right.

I usually use my computer for downloading, watching movies and playing music, doing school work etc. And now that I started playing World of warcraft (which I enjoy extremly much), I notice what my computer really CAN'T handle. The game lags constantly and I can't even enter some cities. So now I've decided to UPGRADE this computer. And I have read some threads about this aswell, but wanted to test my luck if anyone can help me out here. So I was thinking about a new motherbord (Asus A8N-E?) ( for all the features I don't have today, suck as: Pci-E, DDR ram, SATA, !!USB2!! etc. A new CPU (maybe an AMD 64 3000+?) (the reason is pretty much a boost in overall performance). New RAM (Here I'm pretty much unexperienced, thus in a great need of help) (256 really don't get me far with World of Warcraft running :P). And definitely a new GPU ( I was thinking about a nVidia 6600GT but haven't got the slightest idea of which to buy!)

I live in sweden and a fairly common place to buy my this stuf would be www.datorbutiken.se. But if you know of any other resonable alternative I would very much appreciate the tip!

The price I'm willing to pay is about 3000-6000 kr (6000 being actually more than I want to pay)
The Price in US Dollar would be 390-780 $

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. So really you need a new system.

    With that price range your a little limited, but at least you have keyboard / mouse / monitor / speakers / CD Rom etc already.

    If you can stretch your budget you could look at a system comprised of:

    AMD Athlon 64
    512 Mb RAM
    9800Pro / 6600GT

    Chances are you won't be able to use the same case either so you'll need a new one of those too.

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  2. <A HREF="http://www.datorbutiken.com/se/datasheet.php?artId=DFILUTNF4U-D" target="_new">Motherboard</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.datorbutiken.com/se/datasheet.php?artId=ATH64V3000R" target="_new">CPU</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.datorbutiken.com/se/datasheet.php?artId=512DDRSAM400" target="_new">Ram</A>X 2
    <A HREF="http://www.datorbutiken.com/se/datasheet.php?artId=ASN6600GT-128" target="_new">Asus 600Gt</A>, the cheapest(price wise)6600gt on this site...
    ***EDIT--AGP, will not fit...****
    or excellent card: <A HREF="http://www.datorbutiken.com/se/datasheet.php?artId=HTEXRADICEQ9800" target="_new">HIS 9800 Pro ICEQ</A>

    Total: with 6600: 5885

    You can take only one memory for 512 meg, you'll lose 3-5% because you loose dual channel, and WOW really love ram!

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  3. erm, thats cutting it a bit close but i guess you could probably opt for a low budget rig just checking out webbys thats got sound recommendations for such deals/steals.
  4. Looks like a nice system with the 6600GT.

    The His 9800 pro is nice for that price, but sure wouldn't work on the PCI-e mobo. Maybe he could go NF3 S754 and that HIS if your option is too expensive.

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  5. Rofl, drank too much yesterday, totally missed that point, hope he didnt buy it during these 15 minutes!

    And yes listen to PaulDH, that could be a good option, with a bit less upgrade path but more economic!

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