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So basically one of my friends got their laptop stepped on . It's a dell inspiron 14R laptop. I swapped out the keyboard, replaced the wireless lan chip, the usb/audio sound I/O and the hard drive and reformatted and got the latest drivers. The issues is still occurring though.

Audio works most of the time, but when the screen is titled back too far it stops working
The wireless lan does not work at all
one of the two usb ports is busted and keeps showing notifications of the computer not recognizing it.
The other usb stops working when too much pressure is applied.

I thought it was the USB I/O header, because it was cracked, but I also realized that the part where the motherboard connects to the I/O was also bent, the pins anyways. I replaced everything except the motherboard. Do you guys think it's the motherboard?
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  1. ^ Was cracked/chipped.

    ^was cracked/bent/

    I replaced everything in the computer except the motherboard, the off and on working of the Usb/Audio/Wifi imo means that the I/O I replaced is functioning, but the Motherboard is the one that is inconsistent.

    Is it normal for people to have trouble with laptops, I have built plenty of computers and messed with laptops, but this is just a nightmare.
  2. It is quite clear that your knowlegde in electronic is far superior to the averege toms user. If you cannot figure out the problem, im afraid it might be very hard for us.
  3. From your description it is my opinion that some solder joints and possibly ribbon cables have been damaged. not to mention more internal structual damage that could be causing shorts. i applaud your effort to repair but i think its time to back up and get a new computer.
  4. Have you chechked if your solder copper layer of the usb bus has not been shorted??happens a lot if you squash any circuit board
  5. And i'm not familiar with the model you are speaking of but where is the speaker the tilting of the displays puts pressure on the cables supplying power to it and sometimes for laptops with the speaker grille attached to the monitor, a loose connection can be happening
  6. short of changing out the main board, there's nothing else to do - I wouldv'e suggested getting a new laptop in the first place, because you were looking at replacing the main board probably, which now seems to be the case
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