Looking for a good tablet PC, any suggestions?

So, i am thinking of finally getting a tablet PC for Christmas. Wanted some feedback on what i need to be looking at to get the best value for money.

This has to be a 10.1 screen. The rest i have questions on.

First off, not getting an iPad, so that leaves the Android for me to deal with. With the OS, I have read that there are multiple versions of the Android OS and that 4.0 and higher were specifically designed for tablets over the smart phones. Is this true? If so, will this limit my choices for a tablet or can i just upgrade prior versions to 4.0 or whatever the latest one is at the time of purchase or soon afterwards (and is there a cost to do this if its even possible)?

Second, in terms of memory, is there a difference between getting a 16 gb vs a 32 gb in terms of value and what would that extra 16 gb allow me to do? I see some of these tablets have a Micro SD slot, so is that where the "Memory" is housed, so in essence what ever card you put into the Micro SD slot is your hard drive or is this additional storage for you?

I was thinking of getting this tablet:

Per some reviews it seems like a decent one. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

Thanks all
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    Android 4.0 is for both phones and tablets. and any decent tablet you find out there will have at least4.0 loaded on it and most will have updates ready for 4.1. you are able to upgrade your memory on most android tablets by using a micro sd card so memory is not as important when buying. Asus and samsung are both high quality android tablets and should perform very well for you.
  2. Well if you are looking for a tablet that is running the latest Android OS than Id look into the Nexus 7 Tablet. It has Android 4.1 Jellybean and runs at 1gb of ram with the Nividia Tegra 3 (which is a reasonbly nice mobile cpu (: )

    Thats my suggestion

    - Colin
  3. @colin - isn't the nexus 7 a 7" screen? i would like to get thelatest OS possible but not at the cost of screen size, 10" screen which is a "must have" for me. Thank you for the info.

    @triple - so the SD card is additional to the built in memory..good to know..thanks. Will there be a noticiable drop in performance when pulling from the SD card vs installed memory? Also, i know with SD cards they have different classes 6/8/10 will that make a difference?

  4. You wont have much performace loss if you install your apps to the SD card. just a little longer load time as the OS has to load before the SD card can be read. Class 2 is the slowest SD card speed. Class 2 has a write speed of about 2 Mb/s and is suitable for standard definition video recording. Class 4 and Class 6 have write speeds of about 4 Mb/s and 6 Mb/s, respectively, and can be used for HD video recording. These three classes of SD cards are designed to operate under the normal bus interface. Class 10 SD cards have write speeds of 10 Mb/s and up and are designed to operate under the high speed bus interface. but that is mainly for used for video capture standards.

    There's a 10" version. although i havent looked into it that much.

    Hope that helps! :D
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