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Laptop Aluminum Foil Cooling Mod

November 5, 2012 3:54:38 PM

Greetings tom's hardware Community :D  . I'm a newbie here (registered just now) and this is my first thread.

Ok I'll get straight to the point. Has anyone of you also tried putting aluminum foil or other heat dissipating material under your laptop to reduce heat by faster heat disipation?

I have actually done this before but wasn't satisfied with the coverage so I remade it a week later. I used aluminum foil and elmers glue (I know it sounds dumb). I haven't covered the whole back yet just the essentials (CPU, RAM, HDD). If any of you would say it wouldn't work because it would only store up heat overtime then think again because I also have an aluminum notebook cooler under it. My plan was to actually make an interface between the cooler and the laptop because the cooler stays cool while the laptop is hot, but the aluminum foil isn't thick enough to touch it so I'm planning on buying aluminum tape to add more layers to the existing foil. why not just use tape directly you ask? than it's because I don't wan't it to leave the tapes adhesives and elmer's glue is washable (by water) that's how I got the first one of in the first place.

Here's a pic of the laptop bottom, It's an Acer Aspire 4741 (i3-350M version, some have 330Ms):

I noticed ~2C lower temps as reported by speed fan on Idle and while surfing, almost never reach max CPU temps while gaming compared with when the foil wasn't there.

So what are your thought's on this? Is this as dumb as it sounds, or would this actually work? Please don't get harsh on me as this is my first ever post.