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I got my Lenovo Z580 laptop last month.
I haven't noticed any sound before, but today i noticed something strange sound coming from left bottom corner.
It is some think that i can;t distinguish, something like chik chik..:(..

Please help.
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  1. Maybe something smal insect or some bit of paper has go stuck into the tunnel for the fan you better take the back off and clean the fan and remove the obstruction
  2. NO, it's nothing like this.
    It's clean.
  3. Does your laptop have a discrete graphics card?
  4. Yes, it has
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    The Z580 only has one single fan, and I honestly think it's the fan.
    Try using Lenovo's utility to clean the fan, there should be a dedusting option, use that.
    If not, you can always open up the thing, and add some lub to the fan.

    Had a similar problem with a Client's S100 once, opened it, lub it and walla.
  6. ok, i will try.
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