I need help buying a new graphics card


I am looking at purchasing a new graphics card. I mainly play BF2 and im struggling with my current card. I dont know much about computers, but im learning.
I have an Intel pentium 4 3.2 ghz
gig of ram
currently run a radeon 9550
gigabyte p4 titan mboard.

I have about $300US to spend on a new card, the 9550 is not good enough and im sick of VPU errors. I have been looking at nvidia 6800gt's on ebay (im an aussie and cards are expensive here). Is that a good choice. i need your help. i have the cash ready to go, i just need unbiased opinion.


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  1. A 6800GT or X800XL are both the best choices in that price category.

    Keep in mind, VPU errors are probably cause by an insufficient Power Supply or Heat issues, not the card itself.

    Best regards,

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    <b>3dMark05: <font color=red>5,275</b>
  2. thanks buddy. I have a thermaltake case with 3 large fans and a 400w power supply. i also have great airflow and the room is always cool. isnt that sufficient?

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