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i have an HP G62-347NR that wont boot up, everytime i turn it on itll give me a blank screen and the wifi LED will stay turned on and the caps lock LED wil only flash once, i tried multiple things (testing the hard drive, RAM, hard reset) but nothing seems to be working. So far, with research, ive been able to narrow down the problems to either the GPU, CPU or motherboard itself, if someone can help me it will be gladly appreciated :(
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  1. Boot it up on batteries then just as it is ready ie black screen then switch to AC if motherboard voltage problem then it might solve
  2. have two g62 laptops and both went about same time? Blank screens and caps light amd wifi light on tried many things, taking out memenory reseating it same with hard drive not sure where to go next. Some one said download a program to fix regesitry-problem cant see screen any other ideas out there. Are they now making laptops with time schedued breakdowns so you have to buy new????
  3. that problem is the northt bridge processor problem, and only rework station can fix it.
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