9600XT worth the extra 128 megs?

I'm planning to get the Radeon 9600XT. I'm wondering if the extra 128 megs is useful, such as playing HL2, farcry, or doom 3.
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  1. not really, no.

    a 9800-based card with 128Mb would be better for virtually everything.

    Hell, my 6800GT 'only' has 128Mb, and it don't bother me any. :smile:

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  2. most of the time extra MB is gonna be a marketing scam whether its for example X600 128 MB or X600 256MB ...like 1 Frame of a difference not much....check out the TH VGA charts for urself...:D
  3. No, NO and No again.
  4. For heavens sake, I played battlefield 2 on my friends 9600XT machine last week, and it wasnt looking too good.

    It made me realize that times they are a changing.

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  5. Heck I'm still using TI4200. But BF2 Demo will not start on that card.
  6. How's the R9800 doing with it?

    I hear there are some fixes scheduled for Cat 5.8.

    I guess it's just about the right time to be upgrading? :wink:

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  7. With my Radeon 9800 Pro BF2 played with mostly High details very nicely :) Although, the 9800 is way outdated compared to the X800...

    It just depends on how much money you are willing to spend. But DON'T get a Radeon 9600. It's an OK card, but save up your money a little.
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