TECH HELP: Galaga cocktail control problem

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Galaga 1st player is fine. When Game goes to player 2, the ship moves
to the far right and connot be moved with the control. I have checked
the joystick and harness, but can find no problems there. I am
presently digging into the CPU board....but I was hoping someone had
seen this before and could save me some time/grief/hair. Any
suggestions? So far, I am thinking of the custom chip at 4H (5162 I
believe). Before trying to scrounge one, is there anything else I
should look at?
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    I have since tested all the way back to the chip (5162). I compared
    what is happening on the pins for ship movement. All imputs look fine.
    With controllers "neutral" the line pulls up to 5 volts. When a
    controller is moved, that line drop to 0. Looks like I need a Midway
    5162 chip. Anyone know where I can find one?
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    Try JROK....Deal directly with him or MikesArcade stocks most of his
    stuff.....I think Arcade shop does too.

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