New Toshiba P845-S4200 Core i5-3317u, is this heat normal?

I got a new laptop of that model less than 3 weeks ago, and I've used it for about 8 hours since then. This is my second laptop - my old one died from a motherboard issue - so I've been trying to make it run as safely as possible.

With that in mind, I don't know what to make of the fan blowing out of the side almost every time I do something on the computer. The CPU temperature, which is displayed on the manufacturer's PC health readout, starts in its mid 30s and goes up to 41 degrees. I wouldn't consider it to be a problem except for that I'm doing absolutely NOTHING in the mean time.

Except maybe idling or opening one window (at which point the aforementioned fan activity begins, sometimes going up to more than half speed.)

The little hand rest where your touchpad sits becomes warm after about 5-10 minutes.

Is it normal for a new laptop? Am I just being a bit anxious, quite a bit stressed out, or tin-foil hat paranoid? I've been debating whether or not to send it back to Toshiba for a warranty exchange and an answer will help me decide a lot.
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  1. Is the window you are opening a graphic intensive application?
    If so it is quite normal.
    And is your laptop running on batteries in performance mode?Then he heat up is normal too
  2. No. The most graphic intensive thing I've used so far is SharpEnviro in place of the regular Explorer shell - and that is only on my day-to-day limited user account. The admin account which uses explorer.exe is still subject to this behavior. Most of my Windows settings are set to prioritize performance over appearance, to where I don't even use Aero. I don't use it for gaming, and I notice the fan starting to work with one tab open on Google Chrome, or one on Firefox, or even something as small as the Toshiba PC health diagnostic utility provided by the manufacturer.

    And yes, it's running on batteries, but it's in the "eco" mode provided by Toshiba - hardly a demanding power scheme.
  3. The fan starting up is quite normal but you may want to consult about the fact that your handrest is getting warm although from what I gather it is normal just a sign of bad build quality you can use a cooling pad if necessary
  4. And 2nd gen core i5???
  5. No, the only thing shiny about it is the color.
  6. Amartya said:
    And 2nd gen core i5???

    3rd generation.
  7. it is a build issue you better buy a cooling pad and you may ask for replacement as it is still within warranty
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