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Hi. My friend let me borrow his laptop recently, and it was working fine until one day it just wouldn't turn on. The fans would spin upon pressing the power button, but they would turn off a moment later and it would never boot. After a few attempts over the course of a few days, the thing finally went on, told me 'Checksum failed' or something, told me to press F2, and then went to windows. Everything seemed fine, and I thought maybe I just needed a new CMOS battery or something. After a few minutes, however, the screen went black and the computer wouldn't respond. I hard resetted the comp and it went back to the initial problem.

This has been the trend over the course of two weeks or so.

What could this be? It's getting on my nerves as I don't know whether to declare it broken or not.
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  1. Sounds like a failing motherboard. Could also be ram if you have 2 sticks installed try one at a time.
  2. I would say a failed motherboard.......
  3. The strange thing is that it works sporadically. If something was broken, it just wouldn't work at all, right? What would cause it to work for a little, then stop, then work for a little, then stop, etc. I just don't understand.
  4. A fauylty power supply a bent or molten pin that sporadically gets connextion might lead to it nothing that u can fix on ur own
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