slava's enhancing system performance post from2004

The post appears to be lost in the void. I printed it out some time ago and still have the shortcut to find it on my home computer <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> . I tried using the "search boards" feature to pull it up from a remote location in both "graphics cards archive" and "graphics cards"; I even tried the "cpu" section. I searched for "enhancing system performance", "enhancing system", and just plain "enhancing". I even tried searching by user name for "slava". I see the search feature defaults back to "newer than one week" with each search so I was careful to change it to "include all posts".

With all these permutations the best results I came up with were people writing posts back and forth to slava about how to improve the thread. I could not find the thread itself though. I even manually flipped through the pages of the "graphics cards archive" file and tried using the alpha feature to look for "slava".

Does the search feature treat what you guys call a "sticky" differently?

Is there a way the webmaster/mistress could tack this excellent post to the current year’s graphics forum? ...Or at the very least to the front page of the archive?

I've grown really fond of lavasoft ad-aware, spybot search and destroy and spywareblaster. I'd also add javacool's mru blaster to the list. These are great free programs that I feel comfortable and confident running. I think that thread is worth maintaining for all to see.

What some of you computer guys don't realize is that without the computer background a lot of the things you consider simple can prove quite obtuse for the novice. Like finding this thread for instance.

I appreciate that a lot of you really knowledgeable folks take the time to answer questions for the rest of us. If there were more on point guides like this one I believe the number of redundant questions would be greatly reduced, the server would stay cleaner and you guys would be freed up to answer more interesting and more challenging questions if you so desired.

Thanks again to all the helpful people on this site.

And to the not so nice people I offer the following:

A very wise man told me once that there are many types of intelligence. An IQ test may only measure a certain type of intelligence. Over here you might have a great mechanic who might necessarily do well on an IQ test.

I know the computer field is quite and exciting and profitable realm right now. I'm reminded of this cartoon I saw where the computer guy basically had carte blanche around his firm and had a bunch of people fired to get his friend a job. It was a funny commentary on the situation. Like my grandma used to say, "don't get too big for your britches".



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  1. Oh, by the way one thing I didn't agree with in the post:

    "If you have 128 mb of ram or less- your system does not deserve to exist. Trash it."

    Perhaps that ram requirement is true for the high-end video games which I assume is the basic bent of the thread and hence the comment. I'd like to add that someone; somewhere would love to have that computer. Actually plenty of business now are still using windows 95 and 98 systems. I give old computer stuff I recoup (read, "stuff that other people throw away") to a local trade school. The kids learn to work on the stuff as part of their education then ship the older computers to places where people actually appreciate them such as third world countries. Or how about giving it to the kid down the street, the local school, etc. This seems like a "win-win" situation. Education, re-use and it isn't filling up a landfill somewhere on GOD's green earth.

    Also, if I am not mistaken it is actually illegal to "trash" the computer stuff due to the metals they contain.

    Not to sound like a "greenie" but certainly we can all do our part especially on simple things like this that are "no-brainers".

    Taken in context of the thread I understand the author's comment. I just thought I'd suggest a better way than "trashing" it.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put that guide together, slava.

    be well
  2. It doesn't belong in the Grphiçs section and was removed by the concensus of the people here. It's system related not graphiçs related, except for as an afterthought.

    See if the C.P.U. or Mobo sections want it but I doubt they'd back it's content either.

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  3. Gee, that is a real shame. It is one of the most usefull posts I have seen on this site. I'd like to see an updated version posted in a prominent place. Are DSOstop2 and IIT Astop2003 still useful or have subsequent windows updates taken care of them?

    I can understand what you mean about the post being system related but I'd have to say it fits in this category better than the others mentioned. I don't understand why the search feature won't even locate it in "graphics card archives" yet I can use my shortcut on my own computer to find it. It as if the post is hanging out in limbo somewhere.

    I also have a specific tech question to follow:

    I salvaged an old pentium II windows 98 computer that my old school trashed. I'm fixing it up for the little old lady next door because all it needed was a stick of memory. Here's my problem. I can't seem to get lavasoft add aware to scan the registry without sticking (it says "busy" after it show up a handful of errors). I determined it was this specific scan that was causing the glitch by doing a "custom scan" and doing one scan at a time. Spybot search and destroy and spywareblaster seem to run fine.

    I also can't get sun's java loaded (I get an error: :error 1606 could not access network loc "blah-blah"\User Data\"former users name"\my documents\)

    Neither can I use the standard windows desktop shortcut to "my documents" nor can I change the target name. Actually I can change it but when I hit "browse"(or manually type it in), change it, "apply", and "ok" it is still the original target when I right click properties again.

    Presumably all of these problems are password related. I went into properties and enabled sharing on both drives. I also tried a new log in name. I thought the problem with lavasoft might also be the norton corporate edition so I tried uninstalling that. The live update button is greyed out so I can't update the definitions anyway. It wanted a password to take the norton off too though.

    I don't care to see any of the guys information I just want to be able to get around it. In fact I wish I could just delete all his stuff as the comp has very limited hard drive space. I don't want to have to do a new install though as it already has a free os on it.

    I also think some of the items must point to destinations on the server which further complicates matters. The computer is using two very small hard drives which each have their own "my documents" folders. I can get into these empty folders. I just made a new shortcut to point to one of these. I can't seem to locate the one the desktop short cut points to using a search or browsing the c drive with "show all files" engaged. There is a file that turns up something like "username" pwl (is that the password log file that is hiding these files perhaps?) It is annoying that there is a short cut on the desktop that can not be clicked, deleted, or moved.

    Well this is way "un-graphics card related" too but perhaps someone can give me some ideas?

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  4. Ive been this route before.
    If at any way possible Format and Reinstall windows.
    There are probably many settings that are network related that will not be easy to manually manipulate. A fresh Install is MUCHO better anyway.
    You can find copies of 95, 98, ME at your local Goodwill or Thrift shop for $2.00 .

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  5. <A HREF="" target="_new">slava's enhancing system performance</A>

    I still say this post is exponentially more useful to the average user than 30 pages of people trying to show off their intricate technical knowledge of the "excruciating minutia" of video card benchmarks. Please put this sticky back up. If nothing else sticky it to the header page of the archive file.

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  6. Come back from holidays and see this again.

    It doesn't belong in graphics cards.
    If the minutia and graphics related information bore you go elsewhere.

    Seriously, this has been removed by a vote already. It belongs in the MoBo section at best, and like I said I doubt they'd want it either.

    - You need a licence to buy a gun, but they'll sell anyone a stamp <i>(or internët account)</i> ! - <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=green>RED </font color=green> <font color=red> GREEN</font color=red></A> GA to SK :evil:
  7. It's a good post. If it is the category that is the big deal they should make a "system" section. You well know people tend to frequent certain areas while others go almost unused.
  8. It's not so much it bores me. It's like I'm looking a foreign language,...a foreign language that I really don't have any desire to learn at the moment.

    The enhancing system performance thread on the other hand broke it down step by step like the video card buying guide, overclocking guide and so forth.

    I didn't necessarily mean it as a cut to your thread. It's just that at a glance it looks to be way over my head. I see the "oo's" and "ahh's" from others so no-doubt your hard work is useful to some.

    To the novice like myself the step by step threads are more useful. I'm sure not everyone who finds their way to this forum is an expert.
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