BSc computer science student seeking new laptop on budget


I am new to this website and I am just looking for a bit of advice.

I am a current BSc Computer science student looking for a laptop for use with
graphics programming, programming and gaming. I would like to know if there
are any good laptops with the undermentioned requirements for the undermentioned
price, or if I am being naive in my expectations.

I have a budget of 1000$ - 1200$


17.3' display, full hd
i7 quad core, 2.2+
4/8gb ddr3 memory (with a 16gb max)
500gb+ hdd at 7200rpm
Graphics hard with atleast 1gb dedicated ddr3 (eg AMD Radeon HD 6850M)
Decent battery life. (Not going to be a deal breaker)

Not required:
Blue ray
Good audio
Low weight

Sadly over the past few years I've been out of touch with these types of things and desperately need advice.
This is not urgent, just a requirement for next year as my current laptop has reached its point.

Your help will be greatly appreciated,
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  1. 17.3 inch???
    Dude try out saegar at About your range with 15.6 inches
    And larger the screen heavier the device
  2. y580 will do but w/ smaller screen.
  3. Saegar 15" np9150 with GT675M Nvdia would be very good at 1249$.....
  4. Look into getting a copy of Windows through the Microsoft Academic Alliance, your university may participate and it will save you some money on your purchase.
  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Currently I am looking at the following MSI

    I have little knowledge of other MSI notebooks, and i would really appreciate ant advice
    about the company with regards to warranty, parts, service etc.

    The laptop is selling for (with current exchange), 1190$, is it a fair deal?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    James Murray
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