Protecting your laptop on tropical weather

Hi Guys,

I just bought an Asus Zenbook UX32VD to take with me traveling.

I will be traveling in tropical countries for about 6 months and dry and deserted ones after, I'm worried about high humidity first and dust and sand later.

What would be the best way to protect it from these things while transporting it?
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  1. Use a carrycase that has cooling pads pre installed will make it bulky 4kgs approx but then sand+laptop=Scrap metal so better be ready for that heavy weight on your shoulders
  2. the only way to ensure what you ask is to purchase a Toughbook 31 or similar that has an IP65 rating
  3. Amartya, any links to examples?

    Dingo, this is a brand new ultrabook, I didn't ask this to buy a new computer, but thanks for the advice.
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  5. those look fantastic! thanks!
  6. Glad to help....
  7. yeah... well, what you both fail to realize is that as soon as you remove said laptop from the "bag" or case it's open to the elements, which means, the bag is useless because you need the protection from the elements While Using the laptop.

    again, there's an IP rating for a reason. Short of you dissasembling the laptop and squirting some silicone stuff from this manufacturer all over everything, it's impossible to have it dust/vapor proof
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