Anyone else get this message on thier fido - FiDoRoger$.mp..

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anyone else get this message on thier fido

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    It was really wierd. I got a blank text message with no phone number a
    couple of days ago, then got the voicemail (above) from Fido. Anyways
    I did switch my Network Selection from Automatic to Rogers but have not
    noticed any difference. I am in Toronto.

    Anyone else?
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    Where are you ?

    Since Fido is progressively shutting down its network, I take it that
    such messages would be sent to certain subscribers in areas where the
    shutdown is proceeding

    But this brings a question:

    If I do not pay the $5 fee to access expanded Rogers network, and I am
    out of Fido coverage and notice there there is Rogers coverage where I
    am, would there be a way for me to reach Fido's customer support to have
    the $5.00 option added for that month ? or is the only option to find a
    landline phone and call Fido's 888 number ?
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    Grubb Industries wrote:
    > anyone else get this message on thier fido
    > Mp3 attached
    For anyone who may not have binary access, here is a trascript of the


    This is an important message from Fido.

    If you've received a text message in the last few days to call 611, this
    message is for you. If you haven't received the message, we apologize
    for the incovenience this call may have caused you.

    We want to inform you that we are currently performing gradual updates
    on our network. Our goal is to continue to offer quality service, while
    giving you access to improved coverage.

    In order to maintain your service throughout this period, please take
    note of the following instructions:

    Customers who received the message to call 611 must manually select the
    network on their handset. You can do so through your handset's menu.
    There are two ways to proceed. For simple and specific instructions,
    you can visit our website at Or you can contact
    Fido customer service by calling 1-888-481-3436 from a landline phone.
    Make sure you have your Fido handset with you when you call.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We're sure
    you'll enjoy all the benefits of our even greater coverage. Goodbye.
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    I've been getting those calls from Fido, but I usually miss the call,
    the only thing is, I dont have a Fido phone. I'm on telus, so I havent
    figured out why they keep calling me. I told them I had never had a
    Fido phone and they still call. They called twice today, and they have
    basically called once every other day for the last 3 weeks or so.
    Screwy things

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