Wont boot from start up have to push F1 key when asked tried to set in boot menu

when i turn on the computer i get a scrren that says boot 0
below that it says press F1 or F2 for start up
if i press F1 the computer starts up fine
if i press F2 brings me to setup where i can choose things
i checked boot area
made sure first boot device is hard drive
second boot device is cd
third boot device is hard drive
something about additional boot drives enabled
can you help
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  1. If I have read your description correctly then I think that your problem could be due to the CMOS battery. Check the battery voltage or replace it. If this is not the cause of your problem then report back here.
  2. Hi pjmelect,

    Please advice after changing the battery, the problem still occurs, so what do i do next?

  3. press f10 or f11 just keep pressing, until boot selection pops up.
    btw the error its referring is a hard drive error.
  4. Ok this error can occur if you are unintentionally over clocking your computer, try going into the BIOS and loading the default values. If this does not work then try resetting the CMOS memory by momentarily linking the clear CMOS links on the motherboard WITH THE MAINS CABLE UNPLUGED.
    I can’t think of anything else off hand that you can do without changing parts such as the power supply and motherboard memory etc.
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