Thermal Tape VS Thermal Paste

Hey everyone..
The title says all, which one is better?
I got a Radeon9600Pro for a cheap price, I would like to replace the original heatsink/fan, I had both thermal tape and thermal paste, and wondering which one should I use, I would like to know what are the advantage/disadvantages of both things.
Any inputs would be appreciated!
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  1. After a bit of Googling, I found: <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A>

    It says that Thermal Conductivity of a thermal tape is moderate, however, the thermal grease that I have is the one from Antec, which is not the top stuff either.
    So now I'm looking for any suggestions, because 9600's chip is so small, so I don't want to apply JBWeld onto it, for easy installation, I would choose thermal tape, but if tape is really bad compare to thermal grease, then I'll try to find a way to mount the heatsink.
    Anyway..looking for suggestion, again, any suggestion is appreciated!
  2. Well Arctic Silver 5 is considered to be the best thermal conductor for processors, so being a grease, I'm sure it's probably better than tape. I've heard a lot of people use AS5 when mounting a new HSF onto their gfx cards.

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  3. ASCeramique is a better solution for Graphics cards IMO.

    You should be able to replace the HSF with the retention pins and be fine. I would not use an Epoxy like JBWeld cause it ain't coming off once it's on.

    Wusy's had enough experience jacking the HSFs that I'd give him the nod for this.

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  4. I hate it too. I went to apply the stuff and i couldn't disconnect it from the freakin seringue. I had one little dot on the middle of the chip and a streak around it.

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  5., I never told you that I live in Canada Montreal? :tongue: so buy a JB Weld isn't a big problem, they are written in English and French :smile:
  6. I tried Thermal Tape with a small Copper heatsink that was used for a GF2 with the 40mm Fan that I used for my 8500.
    Windows boots fine, but 3DMark03 won't even pass first test then my screen goes black and computer freezes lol :redface:

    I unmounted the Heatsink that I used for my 8500, which is Socket 7 heatsink used with a K6-2 333, I kinda found a funny way to mount the heatsink onto 9600 with the retention pins holes on 9600(hope it won't fall down one day). Of course, I took the Antec thermal grease..(sorry, too poor to buy ASCermique or AS5/3 :eek:

    I did several tests with 3Dmark03/2001, it could be OCed to 513/324(648) (didn't try go further), and be able to complete the tests..when I got time, I'll loop the tests for 20 times and see if it goes well...
  7. oh btw, I didn't try go further cuz the RAM is Samsung 3.37ns..
  8. shopping spree? :redface:
  9. Is that really cheap in Taiwan? I never shop in Taiwan for computer you, it's extremely rare for me to go back. :eek:
  10. Thermal tape sucks. Period.

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  11. Too bad about the slow RAM, if I was still at Univ out there, I'd trade you mine for a Shwartz's Smoked Turkey and Black Cherry Cott. :cool:

    The core on mine gets 535 without lock-ups or artifacts, and then 540+ in select games and benchmarks. 3Dmk03's Battle of Proxycon still the more gruelling tests for OCs I find if it makes it through that it should make it through most others (it craps out before just about anything else in 3Dmk01/05 , Aquamark, SpecViewPerf).

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  12. Miam! You just gave me a good idea for tommorow's dinner!!!

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