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Hi guys,

I'm trying to get my Dad's XP Pro pc to ask for a password but no matter what I try it won't ask for one. I tried making a new account, setting up a password for it and the pc just goes straight into windows. One strange thing is that the built in administrator account always shows up among the user accounts; as far as I know it should show up only in safe mode or when no other account has been created. Of course I can't delete it and now I can't delete the one I just created (let's call it Xlodo), just as if I was logged in as Xlodo and in safe mode (but I'm in normal mode). I did find a MS article mentioning the presence of the built in account in normal mode along with another account, it said it was a bug but it didn't say it could prevent the passwords from working; in any case you have to call them for the fix as it's not downloadable.
Any ideas are welcome.
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  1. set the password and open user account from control panel and change the way of log on and off
  2. open the start menu = select run - type in - CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2
    make sure the top option is ticked for 'users must enter..........'
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