[ETHERNET] Driver for 3C905B-TXNM Controller.

I have set up an i5 rig this last year. Everything went fine until my ethernet port died out. After making some ping tests and checking the ipconfig, I am clearly positive it has to be replaced.

I decided to take out an old PCI network interface from an old Pentium III. I've come across a 3com 3C905-TXNM Fast Etherlink NIC. The small problem is the following: This card has been discontinued for a long time, and the only drivers that can be found are for the Windows XP. When I try booting them on Windows 7 64 bit OS, it will show up either a 32 bit compatibility error, or that the file can not be found if ran by administrator.

After many hours spent in vain searching for drivers, I am requesting desperate help. Is the card too old to work under my Windows 7 OS? Can there be any drivers out there that could work with my computer? Shoud I otherwise try to buy a new updated PCI or even find a way to repair my Ethernet port?

Your support is greatly appreciated!
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  2. Guess that worked! Found an IBM NIC at a cheap price, installed perfectly. Guess that won't be a problem anymore.
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