can anybody please tell me how to make my acer aspire worpast guest and owner needing confirm window authtic i confirm but says already confirmed okay but shuts down
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  1. Your original post very difficult to decipher. Please clarify and add some punctuation. I am pretty sure we can help you if we can understand what you are trying to do.
  2. I hace a acer aspire 5610.
    When i turn computor on i get new usere box and owner box on the screen.

    It says that this copy of windows must be activated with microsoft before i can log on., i click to confirm then it says windows has already been been activated, click okay to exit, This i do by clicking in the box bottom right hand of the box displayed, then it says owner logging off, then it just goes back to the original 2 box's that says owner and guest i have no disc for back up, also tried to go to restore to a earlier date in f8 but no joys, hope that this is now clearer for you sorry
  3. Are you able to log in to Windows with your account at all?
  4. Thank you no just the 2 box's that say new user and underneath the top box says owner, bottom of screen in the left corner is the box that is saying turn off computer
  5. So, this is a new system and no user info has been entered? Is that the case?
  6. yes i have not used this laptop purchased from a friend for my work in uk but i live in spain
  7. Sounds like the "new user" setup that many OEMs (like Acer) uses to assist users with setting up the new owner/user accounts. Have you attempted to enter the information?
  8. Sorry as i said that all i get is ineed to confirm windows it will not let me do nothing else, and this is all i can get from the acer laptop
  9. Is the Acer connected to a network? It may be a case of the activation period has ended and it needs to activate to proceed.
  10. No the acer is in a room and not connected and not working
  11. That could be the problem. Can you connect (like with an ethernet cable directly into your router) to a network and try to complete the activation?
  12. sorry it is only doing what i have said it wont let me do nothing else i have tried this already . maybe i should get a upgrade disc
  13. The system likely has the restore disks on a partition on the hard drive. Since you don't have any files on it yet, a complete system restore would reset to its new condition and should allow you access to configure/register/activate the system.

    See this link:
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