Which is better?

which HP is better or lenovo?

(1)HP ENVY 6-1150ec
-intel Core i5 3317U Ivy Bridge, 15.6" LED 1366x768 lesklý, RAM 6GB DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 7670M 2GB, HDD 500GB 5400 otáček + SSD 32GB,Beats Audio,9 hours battery life

(2)HP Pavilion 15-b035 Sparkling
Intel Core i5 3317U Ivy Bridge, 15.6" LED 1366x768 lesklý, RAM 4GB DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT630M 2GB, HDD 750GB 5400 otáček + SSD 32GB,sound Altec Lansing

(3)Lenovo IdeaPad U410
Intel Core i5 3317U Ivy Bridge, 14" LED 1366x768, RAM 8GB, NVIDIA GeForce 610M 1GB, HDD 1TB 5 400 otáček + SSD 24GB , 8 hours battery life

Thx for advice ;-)
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  1. What are you looking to do with this. The processors are all the time... resolution all the same. the video cards are very close.

    the "best" performing is #3 but the screen is a bit smaller.

    Larger HDD is nice. 8gb of ram and the GPU would make it perform better.

    But in the end if you are not going to going need that performance, and going to use it for only web surfing and email whats the point of the higher system?
  2. Agreed with inerax, of the 3, I would suggest the Lenovo. However, how the system is to be used makes a difference. What is the intended primary uses for this system (games, development, web browsing, office apps, etc)?
  3. I ON web browsing, except that I'd like to play and some newer game. Graphics cards are thus similar? A 8 GB of RAM is a significant difference?
  4. The video card on #1 is actually the best, although the card on #2 is close in performance. The video card on #3 is way less powerful than the other two.

    The processors are all the same, so in that respect they should all perform similarly, but if you are eyeing any mainstream video games, you should decide between #1 and #2 only.

    Here is a laptop GPU chart with benchmarks, from which I compared the video cards:
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