Win. 7 64 freezing all the sudden, can some soul help?


Installed win7 64 ultimate(fresh copy) few months back, install went smoothly, no tale tale sign of any issues. Since few days ago I am baffled, its crazy.
I noticed when tapping into my internal second drive D: where I keep all my media would not play correctly, meaning player and system would freeze up, only option power button. Also, you know when you save a file and a windows pops-up asking where to save it to, you get to see the similar files listed under that folder, it should list them almost instantaneously, for me popup windows shows up, but contents of that folder are loading one by one slowly. Everything seems to point to indexing issues? In recent days I added Panda anti-v, Utility program. I cannot system restore, it only goes up to 2 days ago. In safe mode everything seemed fine, maybe video card drivers got corrupt? I've been moving files from c to d all the time, but I know fragmentation is bad (try to defrag all the time, but did not have the time for a full defrag).
Any ideas? In safe mode when it loads all prompts, pc hangs longer on the graphics controller/driver but it loads into win.
Any utilities I can launch, buy? how can I load generic driver for vid card. Can I run checkdisk where in boot

Help guys!

PS I can send over event viewer if that will help us,
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  1. Sounds like the hard drive is on its way out.
  2. Are there any errors in the event viewer?

    To schedule a chkdsk for the next restart go to start-->run box-->chkdsk /r-->it will run on the next restart, and fix any errors it finds.
  3. I ran that 30+ times and it didnt find any errors on my drive but as soon as I replaced it, the freezing was gone.
  4. Your hard drive may have been failing or had an OS problem. Rlubocki may have a whole different problem.
  5. Event viewer has a bunch of reported errors, but they dont seem serious. My hd is very fragmented when I started to get these issues and since then I do run defrag, but it might be too late so save corrupted files. I know my video cards drivers are the issue, but I cannot uninstall all of them, every time I uninstall my vid card it reinstalls same drivers once I boot into windows.. Thank you for advise.
  6. Download the graphics driver that you want to install. Boot into safe mode. Uninstall the old version. Then install the new version.
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