Windows won\'t start on HP laptop! Help!

:o I turned my computer on and the screen pops up saying that Windows could not start up either because the file doesn't exist or is corrupt. It says the following file windows//32//configuration. I don't understand because I was on the computer earlier today and had no problems. I tried to get around it and I could not? :(

Please, help!
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  1. It sounds like you've gotten a virus. One of those trojans that target the System and Registry files... your windows/32/configuration is a system file and if your computer wont start, that's where the infection is. You'll probably have to reinstall windows, or ask your local computer tech to help you out. But it definitely seems to be a virus.
  2. He's prob right, I suggest a reformat, as there is no other choice that is free.
  3. Do a factory reset of your laptop by using the HP recovery disks
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