Low Profile PCI card with SVideo/Composite output

Can anyone recommend a low profile PCI card that has an S-video/Composite output? DX7 generation if possible. I've just bought a small Dell Optiplex and am planning on using it as a Media PC.
I've found a few full sized cards with S-video, but they aren't any use for me.

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  1. Look at the photos from Newegg. I've seen 1/2 height cards with S-Video, in fact I've seen one with both S-Video and a second monitor output via a cable to the slot cover. Of course that particular card didn't come with a 1/2 height slot cover.

    I'd pick the best card for the purpose in spite of whether or not it included the slot cover, and figure something out to make it fit (remove the slot cover or modify it perhaps, I've done both).

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  2. Thanks. the MX4000 series seem perfect. It's a shame they don't deliver to the UK because the ones here's are almost double the price.
  3. I haven't looked into it much, but from my experience I had better SVHS quality with the Radeons than the Geforce 2's and 3's. Anyway, maybe others can comment either way on this from their own experiences.

    Edit:I should add that nothing hooked up through SVHS or composite has had very good text quality really. Be prepared to have low res and/or large fonts just to remain readable. I think I settled on 800x600 with large fonts using SVHS into a Sony XBR TV. I'd sure wish I could upgrade to a large LCD with DVI inputes, but that's just a dream for now.

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  4. I used a Powercolor Radeon 9250 128 bit low profile for my HTPC. About $50 from newegg; dont know where you buy your parts in the UK.

    If you want to just search for card models go visit newegg.com and use their power search. You will find a lot of models with S-video and are in low profile format.

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  5. Cheers all. I'm looking into Radeon cards but I think the PSU in this GX1 (haven't received it yet) maybe be between 100 and 200w seeing that it was part of an office network.

    The TV I'm connecting this PC up to is a Widescreen with a scart socket so I'm considering making a VGA-scart cable, but i'm a bit wary of nuking my TV with it so I'm looking for S-Vid options.
    800*600, or 1024*576 should be fine I think with S-video. The TV has a 28inch tube and S-Vid should be sharp enough for net browsing.
  6. you should check out <A HREF="http://www.tekheads.co.uk" target="_new">http://www.tekheads.co.uk</A> i think i saw some low profile FX5200 there once..

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  7. Can only see APG versions on there. FX5200s aren't much good anyway because they all have fans. Thanks though. I'm considering either a Radeon 7000 or a 3D Rage Pro which might just fit - if only the internal Rage Pro chip on this GX1 had S-Video!
  8. Keep in mind that you won't get sharp enough images through s-video and composite.
    The best way is if you have a lcd tv with dvi/vga connectors.
  9. S-vid will be fine - I had my AGP card hooked up to an early 80s TV using a PSX RF adaptor and that was fine. The only thing I'm worried about is the refresh rate. I've noticed some jerky scrolling using emulators on TVs
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