Very bad sound lag after awakening from sleep

hey all. basic problem is this - when i put my computer to sleep for even 10 seconds, then wake it up, everything is messed up badly. the sound is laggy and choppy, cpu is slow, takes 5 mins to load google, and my task bar and windows dont have that clearish look to them. they are white and near solid. i dont know why this happens. it happens with hybrid sleep and hybernation aswell. only reason i can think that this happens is because its a boot legged version of win 7 ult. but thought it could be with drivers or other issues. if anyone can help, tht be great cuz my grandpa been crackin my head cuz i leave the pc on.
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  1. Buy a legit copy then we can help, we don't condone piracy.
  2. no its legit, just when i got it the disk didnt work properly and the store i bought it from wouldnt exchange it so i had to dl it then use my key to activate it. i still payed for it and everything
  3. Jonmor68 said:
    Buy a legit copy then we can help, we don't condone piracy.

    D. I. See Kay?

    Stop jumping to conclusions. Most definitely have a legit copy of windows and I also suffer from a similar issue. I googled and came up with this. You piss me off. Don't try to be a little police-man.
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